“(Y/N)?” Harry shouted through the house. You were getting over a recent breakup with your now ex boyfriend. You didn’t reply to Harry, her probably tell you to get over it and stop being a baby, it upset you because he was literally your only friend now, the shoulder to cry on. He walked into the living room, instantly seeing your tear stained face and red eyes. You were cuddling a cushion, seeing as it was the only true friend you’d have.
“Yeah, hit me with the ‘stop being a baby and get over it!’” You harshly hissed– making his face soften.
“(Y/N), baby I didn’t mean it that way, I was just fooling around, okay? I would never ever mean to do that, now, tell me what happened.” He soothed, taking the cushion away and sitting next to you.
“(Y/BF/N) was a-acting so c-cruel a-and I didn’t w-want him too and h-he slapped m-me a-and cut me… a-and k-kicked me…” You bawled into Harry’s chest, he didn’t know this had been going on for almost a month.
“I swear to god I will beat him up and replace his face for sandpaper…” Harry muttered beneath his breath. You knew he wouldn’t, he was too sweet. “Now, I’ll get some ice cream, love movies, pillows, blankets and some tissues. Prepare for snuggles.
“This is why I’ve …always loved you….” You whispered as Harry slipped into the bedroom, collecting about twenty movies and blankets. He then grabbed two tubs of ice cream and a box of One Direction brand tissues. Only him. You saw that the tissues had been taken out and written on? You looked at the writing:
“Will you?”
“Go out?”
“With me?”
You stared at Harry; he was smirking and blushing. You nodded, making him squeal and kiss your lips.